About this website

How did this website come about?

Hello, my name is Thorsten, I'm 49 years old and I'm from Germany.

One day I was shown a short on youtube - Devil's money and from the first syllable I was captivated by this voice, this way of singing, the lyrics and the woman.

I did a little research and then I decided to create this website.

Mary Kutter - you should know this name - such energy, such passion... I wanted to advertise so that her songs would become famous.

Mary recently put her new EP online and it was an immediate success - what will happen when she releases her first album? 

We are so sure that we will see and hear a lot more of Mary - maybe even in Europe? We will see.

Now I hope that you like this website and that you enjoy the sound of Mary Kutter.

I would be delighted if you would tell your friends about Mary and of course about this and the official website www.marykutter.com.

Let's get her words out into the world. 

(Meckenheim, May 2024)

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