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In Dec 2022, Mary was asked to introduce herself:


I’m a singer/songwriter based out of Nashville — grew up in Springfield, Kentucky and when I graduated from school, I was playing different shows around the area to make ends meet. I got offered a job to host a weekly music variety show on a TV/Radio station right outside of Louisville, and that’s where my Nashville journey began.


I’d have different artists and hit writers on the show where they’d perform and I’d interview them. Several of the show guests found out I did music and they invited me to write with them in Nashville. Just like most things, the music industry is a super small world and as I started writing with people, I’d get connected with other writers I was told I should work with. Before I knew it, I was coming back and forth to Nashville 2-4x a week for writing sessions.


Finally moving to Nashville on the tail end of 2017, I started hosting writing rounds in the local music scene. I remember the last show I hosted, within 10 months, I had just under 500 different artists perform on the show. It was a HUGE eye opener to me, seeing how everyone in Nashville is talented, but being “good” would never be good enough. It was a crash course on songwriting and how to write songs that could cut through the noise of all the “good” in town.


When Covid hit, I immediately switched to zoom writing. Since live shows were non-existent and the industry was essentially paused, I realized that the only thing I had control over was how many sessions I could be part of and what I actually created in the room. In 2021 I had 397 sessions…and this year, some of the seeds I planted started sprouting.


This year has been a whirlwind in the best way. I’ve had music placed in movies, TV Shows, commercials… I’ve had music I’ve written hit #1 on iTunes Charts, had music on every single editorial playlist on digital streaming platforms, 2 dozen songs I’ve written have went viral with different artists on social media…and I currently have two songs on the Billboard Charts, which is crazy because I’m still an unsigned writer. That’s a dream to have a single song on the charts, but to have TWO is just a dream. And my artistry has had its fire LIT this year, with three releases happening after the songs went viral on TikTok. I know it’s still just the beginning of my career, but wowzers, I am so grateful for this ride.


(Taken from: https://canvasrebel.com/meet-mary-kutter/)




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